Love is one of the key forces of emotions that known to human beings. It is insatiable since it is one of the characteristic or you can say inherent ‘written genes’. Cause the byproduct of love is the reproduction of the offsprings. Essentialy, love is the inherent natural instict of a human being.

I believe that love is more than that. Yes, I agree that we as a human beings must pass on our genes and create offspring, but I believe that love offers more learnings/ understanding/ importance than that. I believe that love offers us an experience and knowledge for us to learn about others, ourselves, and about the ‘realms’ that we and our partners live in; Life itself. Through love we can understand our insecurities, bad habits, and flaws and help us to change those into confidence, good habits, and happiness. Human is a social creature and we do need each others to sustain and grows into a better human being.

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“The Kiss” (Gustav Klimt)

Not a long time ago I read about a well known bloggers who do have a much amount of audience that he can turn into his benefit which is to study about the key to having a good relationship. He asked his audience who have been divorced, to tell the world why/ what causing the divorce? While also asked his audience who’ve been through more than 10 years of lasting relationship, what is the key to having a lasting relationship? The results come into a conclusion. Most of the person who have been divorced reasoned that it is because miscommunication and different expectations.

On the other hand, most of the partners who have lasting relationship come into a conclusion; the key to relationship is to trust your partners; when something feels not right don’t make a negative judgement, rather  believe that your partners have his own reason to do the undesirable manner. Trust is the keyword. When both trust are resolute, both partners will try to reconcile and communicate their feelings toward each others.

Well it is logical, since nobody in this world can’t think logically. But it is understandable that in some circumstances like in emotional burden, we can do thinks ilogically. With that in mind, to keep lasting relationship is to trust and aware that there is no such things as a perfect person.

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Now lets talk about happiness. In a broad terms, Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. That’s from wikipedia.

But I have different insights about happiness. I do truly believe that happiness is a feelings of worthiness, pleasant/ full and something everybody striving for. What I mean everybody is from all sections of society; the wealthy, middle-class, and poor. It is a facts that try to imagine 5km from the place you read this, there are someone who lives on a street and also have a happiness level same as you.

Essentialy, happiness is not achieved; by you doing things, have certain things, or anythings, but rather happiness is found.

What I mean found is, everybody can be contempt and be happy if they be able to found the happiness itself. Through to being thankfull, mindfull, and embrace what challenges do life brings us. Essentialy, wealth, possesion of a degree, possesion of someone, or anything doesn’t make you instantly happy. Rather you found the happiness itself

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Well that is my insights about Love and Happiness. Happy Valentines Day!! Smiling Face With Heart-eyes on Apple iOS 10.2 And I do hope that this post is beneficial toward your growth and well-being. Please do tell me about what’s your insights about this post. Thank You and Happy Reading. You deserve to be happy! Winking Face on Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (revised)