Philosophy is a “thing” that concerns everyone – no matter who they are or where they live in the world. I believe that philosophy is the mising needs to fulfill our lifes utterly. Philosophy perpetually questions; who are we, why we are here, how was the world created, what is the meaning of life, and much more.

Today I would like to share with you a person and his works, who remembered as one of the key figures in the philosophy of existentialism. His name is Jean-Paul Sartre.

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Lets first understand how his life were. Jean-Paul Sartre grow up extremely close to his mother, since his father died as a navy captain in his childhood years. He was deeply enraged when his mom remarry when he was 12. He had a strabismus/ wandering eye, his figures are short, and because of that oftentimes he describe himself as ugly. During his lifetime he often retreat to cafes, specifically on the left bank in Paris, and it is where most of his works are written.

His most famous work is “Being and Nothingness”(1943). Most people say it consist of a revolutionary ways of thinking of philosophy in perpective of existentialism. On the other hand most people also said that some of the parts was not quite understood. As controversial as it is that Jean-Paul Sartre have unique insights and rather unexplicable/difficult points to share.

What we can learn from Jean-Paul Sartre work is :

  1. Things are weirder than we think.

Sartre believe that prejudices and assumptions mislead us. He emphasizing moments when the world reveals itself as far stranger and more uncanny than we normaly  admit; moments when the logic we believe day-to-day becomes unavailable. Easily we can recognized this experience when our expectation comes off from reality.

He believes that to be wise person or someone who is enlightened is someone who is striped any prejudices and assumptions to know the real reality. A reality where the world is absurd and unpredictable.
He belive that superstitions and delutions oftentimes restrain us to live fully and therefore we must be aware of them to experience life realistically as possible.

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2. We are free

Adding from his previous insights that life is a lot odder than we think, he believe that life also acts in consequence for richer in possibilities. He called the understanding; “the Anguish of Existence”
Which is that essentialy everything is terrifyingly possible because nothing has any pre-ordained(decide/ determine), god-given sense or purpose.
Human are just making it up as they go along, and we are free to cast aside the shackles at any moment.
From the ancient humans towards now, we are trying to answer unanswerable questions and create orders that control what we think, do, and speak. Since we feared something that is unknown to us. Human from all era roaming the world trying to create a logical structure to alleviate those fear. Sartre believed that we are free and we are free to restrain any constrain that prevent us to live by our belief.

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3. We shouldn’t live in ‘Bad Faith’

‘Bad Faith’ is whenever we tell ourselves that things have to be a certain way and shut our eyes to other options.
An exemplification from his one of his work; “Being and Nothingness”1943, a story about a waiter that works in a cafe where Sartre often come. Sartre observe that the waiter for all his life, always serving other people plate and make sure that the customer have a good service. Sartre pity him, cause the waiter is too overly devoted to his role than understanding that he is a free human being. That the waiter can resign from his work and be someone who is now fishing in some lake, or contribute to an audition for a movie casting, or be a social workers, or much more.
Sartre observes that when we are being too overly devoted to our role, we are lying to ourselves for short-term pain, but as consequence we suffer for a long psychological impoverishment.
Essentialy, it is obvious that we believe something rather to convince us because it’s easier, rather than to be aware that we do have much options to be considerate.

Sartre encourage us to find our inner desires and to break free from the restrain of our overly devoted role.

Thus it is come to; ‘Beings precedes essence’
Which tells us that being a human being and who we are can’t be pinned down to one particular job, relationship, status, religion, etc. Because to became a ‘being’ are much bigger than that. It’s an experience every human ‘being’ participate in and reflects.

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4. And last but not least, his disdained towards Capitalism.

Sartre believe that we’re free to dismantle Capitalism. Since Sartre believe that Capitalism is a giant machine designed to create a sense of necessity which doesn’t in fact exist in reality; where Capitalism system encourage us to work ardously, so we can buy lavish products that have been aggresively marketed, and thus hampered our way towards enlightenment of the ‘anguish of existence’, undestanding ‘beings precedes essence’, and a better world he believed into.

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Final Remarks :

Jean Paul Sartre is encouraged us to fulfilled our potential as an individuals and as a species. Where he guide us to accept the fluidity of existence, to create new institutions, habits, outlooks, and ideas that create the better version of ourself. Implicitly, Sartre works create an immense relief when we feel oppresed by the weight of tradition and the status quo.

Well.. “Being Precedes Essence” post is ended right here. Thanks for reading and please share your insights about this post Like Comment Subscibe😉! I hope this post can be beneficial for your knowledge and growth. Have an awesome day… you are a free being! 😉