The values that we are talking about is in context which define as a one judgement of what is important in life. For instance Truth, Justice, Kindness, Good, Tolerance, and etc.

From childhood our parent is constantly instilled those values to our mind in reason that to be a good human being will always upmost those values. The story are the same too, when we are taught through school and religion.

But as soon as we grow up, oftentimes we are aware that what do we believe true to us does not mean it is true to everybody. For example Democrats vs. Republicans, Capitalism vs. Socialism, Religions vs. Atheism, and when you’re arguing with your peers at a groupwork.

It is inevitable that people have different opinion towards certain ways to reach the values everybody striving for.

Why does it happen?

1. Every individual has different ways to embracing challenges.

It is a fact that every individual has a different personality. For instance, some people would look into their feelings to decide something, on the other hand some people would relying on their logic. In addition every individual see a problem in certain perspective. For example, X decision makers choose a short-term but direct impact solution, on the opposition; Y decision makers choose a long-term but non-direct impact solution.

2. Every individual has different background and unique experience that shape him/her in a present moment.

It is understandable that an individual will be careful and would tend to do something or not if it based on an past experience input. Since those experience good/bad will be remembered and will be regarded into consideration present decision. In addition that each individual has their own unique experience.

3. Misinformation or lack of information

For instance this tweet from a controversial President of United States.


It is a burden tweet and everybody in the world knows that. Since climate change is a real thing everybody face. On the other hand Mr. Trump believe that Climate Change is created by the Chinese. I only want to make it straight that it is true that climate change is limiting human to exploit resources and therefore limiting profit. But it doesn’t add up that, if anything limiting your country interest so it is the works of your competitor (the Chinese). All the facts was stating that Climate Change is a problem we all facing in this 21st Century.

That example truly shows us that misinformation and misjudgement can make people have different opinions towards something.

Well, how do we bridge those differences and unite to reach the ultimatum goals?

  1. Bring everybody into the same perspective

images (1).jpg

Especially to counter the misinformation or misjudgement problem. Basically this is what every society agree on; Education is essential. Since from education each individual is informed and encouraged to adapt with present society. With education less individual will be less informed and truly understand their priority toward certain issues. Finally everybody will look at the problem in the same pace and perspective.

2. Be open-minded


Oftentimes somebody is being stubborn and sometimes its you. You need to be aware that disagreement happen because how you see the problem in certain perspective. Try to see the problem in different perspective and recalculate what good and bad comes from those options. In the end it is more mature and professionals, if you aware your misunderstanding and unstagnant the process of decision making. On the other hand, if you can persuade and make clear that your opinion is more beneficial/righteous than majority opinion, then keep fighting. Why? Just look at how African American fighting to gain their rights of living equal.

Well that is my insights toward the relativity of values. I hope this post is beneficial to you! Like it, comments if you want to interact with me, and have an awesome CNY! 😉